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About Us

Concepts ON Concrete is the only SUNDEK dealer in the Spokane area with revolutionary products made specifically for our area. The Sundek system is a special method that allows different colors, textures and design to be added to existing old or new concrete. Used on floors, driveways, pool decks, commercial areas, retail spaces, garages and more. The Sundek systems are methods that have been perfected over four decades and allow you to repair unsightly concrete while beautifying for a custom appearance.

We will take your vision and turn it into your reality.  We have the resources and know-how to restore your old faded pool deck, greasy garage floor, dingy concrete floors  and counter tops and turn those into works of art.  WE are one of the only businesses in the Northwest with experts in these areas and backed by honest people, reliable products, and old fashion values and hard work. We are Concepts ON Concrete a small town company.

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